21 August 2006

Yahoo Sign-in Seal

In an attempt to help reduce identity theft and phishing scams Yahoo have released a new sign-in feature called Sign-in Seal. This basically works similar to internet banking, but Yahoo lets you create a short Text seal or Image seal or a Sign-in color.

The seal is associated with your computer not your Yahoo ID, so every computer you use you will need create the seal. With the increase in phishing and fake log in sites, especially those on Yahoo Geocities, this should prevent ID theft.


Anonymous sweetbix said...

color = brown for yahpoo

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Becky said...

I am SO FREAKIN' ANNOYED with this "Sign-in-Seal"! I have been cleaning out my email for a few days. I have my own process in doing this. I like to have 3 tabs open; 1 for my IN-BOX, 2 for my SENT-BOX and 3rd for my TRASH FOLDER. Ever since I went to edit my account and signed up for this Sign-in-Seal, I've had such problems! Every time I leave my IN-BOX tab and go to (for instance) my SENT-BOX tab, click on one of my sent messages, I am directed to SIGN IN AGAIN! EVERY TIME! IT IS SOOOOO ANNOYING!

So - I went back to EDIT MY ACCOUNT and REMOVED the "Seal". I'M STILL BEING DIRECTED TO SIGN IN EVERY TIME!! Then I looked around in the Yahoo Help section to learn how to DELETE this Sign-in-Seal feature. Told me to do EXACTLY what I had done

(1. On any Yahoo! sign-in page, click on the sign-in seal or move your mouse pointer over the sign-in seal, and click "Change Sign-in Settings."
2. On the sign-in seal set-up page, click the "Remove" button in the Preview area.
3. Click the "Save Settings" button.).

Anyone know how to get COMPLETELY RID OF THIS FEATURE???

6:05 PM  

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